The Highly Anticipated
Cascade Keyboard by AZIO
Launches on Kickstarter

LOS ANGELES, March 3, 2022 - AZIO, the company that created the popular Retro Classic Keyboard Series, announced today the launch of Cascade on Kickstarter. Last year, they successfully funded the IZO Keyboard Series on Kickstarter and hit their funding goal within the first week.

With a fully customizable feature, users can expect to be able to customize their choice of key switches, keycaps, and even the aluminum top plate. The Cascade keyboard is currently available in a 75% layout, which is a mix of form and function for users that prefer a compact keyboard.

2 Body Profiles

The new Cascade keyboard is available in standard and slim profiles, giving users the option of a low-profile keyboard perfect for those that enjoy a portable keyboard or prefer a lower height for comfortable wrists. The Slim model comes in an ultra-slim form, while still providing an impeccable and consistent typing experience.

Many Keycap Themes to Choose

The Cascade and Cascade Slim come in 2 base keycap themes : Galaxy and Forest, with 4 total variations in laser-etched font with a backlit effect. Four additional designer themed keycap sets can be purchased separately, with more designs to come.

Hot-Swappable Switches

Most notably, the mechanical keyboard is designed with a hot-swappable switch mechanism that allows users to choose their preferred mechanical switch. Options on their Kickstarter include four different Gateron G-Pro switches: Blue, Brown, Yellow or Red, and three different Low-Profile Gateron switches: Blue, Brown or Red. The Cascade keyboard is compatible with any MX switches, so users can swap out and use their own preferred switches.

Other Notable Features:

  • Screw-in stabilizers for the standard model, and built-in dual sound dampers for enhanced acoustics, and reduced vibration and rattle.
  • Pre-Lubed switches. 
  • A variety of different backlight settings, including RGB colors and animation patterns. 
  • Three adjustable feet positions for optimal comfort. 
  • System and connectivity toggles that let users shift between Mac & PC mode, or Bluetooth & USB mode.
Pre-Order Now on Kickstarter

Pre-order your Cascade on Kickstarter and take advantage of the Early Bird special, starting at $89 for any base model.

About AZIO Corporation
Founded in Los Angeles in 2009, AZIO was created as the answer to stagnant aesthetics of workspace accessories. Technology can simplify complicated things or complicate simple things. Our design goal is to create cutting-edge products that are intuitively easy to use, provide maximum comfort, and leave a minimal environmental footprint. By circumventing traditional materials, forms, and functions, we break through conventional designs to create your dream workspace. Our goal is to spark creativity and uplift the way you work through a unique narrative that is efficient yet beautiful. Let us guide you to revolutionize the way you work.

Media Contact:
Alex Sok