AZIO Cash Terms & Conditions

Here's How AZIO Cash Works

During promotional periods, you can earn AZIO Cash with qualifying purchases on

You'll receive AZIO Cash in the form of a unique code in a separate email after your purchase.

Look for the expiration date within the email. AZIO Cash can only be redeemed on our website :


How do I redeem my AZIO Cash on my purchase?

After you fill out your shipping information at Checkout, enter your AZIO Cash code into the "Gift card or discount code" section, then click apply. The value of your AZIO Cash will be deducted from your order total.

How long will it take to receive the AZIO Cash?

After the order has been successfully delivered, you will receive an email with AZIO Cash in the form of a unique code.

Why didn't I receive my AZIO Cash?

If you did not receive your AZIO Cash, please email us at

In what cases are AZIO Cash invalid? 

If you return your qualifying purchased item(s), the AZIO Cash is no longer valid.


What if I don't use the entire amount in one purchase?

The AZIO Cash has a balance so you may use the remaining balance with the same code in another order. 

Where do I find my expiration date for my AZIO Cash?

The expiration date is specified in the email with the AZIO Cash code.

Can I use expired AZIO Cash?

We’re sorry, AZIO Cash can only be used before the expiration date. It can’t be used after the expiration date listed in the email.

How do I check my AZIO Cash balance?

Please email to check your balance.

What if I lost my AZIO Cash code?

Please email and provide your order number so we may re-send you the code.