Press Release: AZIO Launches the IZO Collection on Kickstarter

June 8, 2021 - Los Angeles, California 

Today, AZIO launched the IZO Collection - a gorgeous new mechanical keyboard set that includes the keyboard, a mouse, number pad, desk pad, and palm rest. The company, known for its design-forward keyboards, is launching the collection on Kickstarter for the super early bird price of $145 for the entire set or $70 for the keyboard.

The IZO Collection is a colorful keyboard series that combines a sophisticated aesthetic with functionality and ergonomics. The intricate, refined collection has an elegant, curved form and tri-toned colors that are thoughtfully curated to bring a subtle vibrance to any setting.

“IZO is designed to enhance a work setting and also reflect your style,” said AZIO Lead Designer Sam Li. “Each element of the IZO collection is designed with beauty and ergonomics in mind. IZO is proof that we can have beautiful things that are also functional and technically advanced.”

 Three Vibrant Color Options


The set comes in three colors: 1) Baroque Rose, a burgundy metallic matte finish inspired by the namesake color, with blush keycaps, 2) Blue Iris, a stable, calming blue with a sparkling matte finish and powder blue keycaps, and 3) White Blossom, symbolizing beauty and sincerity, with a glistening white pearl finish and matte white keycaps.


Each piece includes touches of a carefully curated shade of 18K gold for a dash of extravagance and sophistication. The keyboard has a beautiful round gold control knob that lets users easily control volume and backlight functions.


The keyboard, and each item in the collection, follows a cohesive round design, unlike 95% of keyboards that are rigid and sharp. The unified curved form and edgeless design are visually soothing and soft to the touch. But the series doesn’t stop at its design.


The mechanical keyboard can be used with both Mac and PC, and it’s easy to switch between the two. IZO keyboards come with hybrid OS keycaps, which allow users to use either PC or Mac without swapping keycaps.

It has PBT doubleshot keycaps that create a light/dark color contrast between the keycap and front, displaying color effects when the backlight is on and off. The laser-etched font means the keys will never fade away with time and usage. 

IZO uses uses Gateron Blue mechanical switches. These are smooth and clicky with responsive haptic feedback. With an average of 50 million actuations, expect longevity with these reliable switches. 

It has an easy to use dual Bluetooth and USB interface. BT is turned on with a click, and it includes a USB-C cable. IZO has a large 5,000 mAh Lithium Ion rechargeable battery that can be used up to a year on a single charge with the backlight off.

The IZO Collection comes in a full set of five products. The IZO number pad can be connected to any device via Bluetooth or USB and can be used as a standalone calculator.

The IZO wireless mouse features elegant contemporary metallic matte, gold, and milky frost. It includes: Cosmetic Frost Design, Pixart Optical Sensor, BT 5.0 & RF Interface, USB Type-C Charging, Ergonomic Comfort, and a 1000 mAh Battery.

The IZO Palm Rest is made with memory foam and incorporates a parallel round pattern. Its ergonomic design provides good elasticity and soft comfort for long-term use. Finally, the IZO Desk Pad’s ergonomic design provides good elasticity and soft comfort with its comfortable foam padding for long-term use.

“Just like our other models of mechanical keyboards, every element of the IZO has been thought out to bring a unique aesthetic to any work or desk setup,” said Li. “With the IZO Collection, we invite our customers to be colorful, bold, and extraordinary.”

The IZO Collection is now available on Kickstarter. Users can purchase the full set and purchase and bundle items individually. Backers can take advantage of the Early Bird special which saves 50% OFF the retail price. Backers have the option to purchase the keyboard individually or bundle the accessories together. For more information or to interview AZIO personnel, please contact public relations agent Rosemary Newton.

Rosemary Newton, Proper Propaganda

About AZIO

Azio Corporation designs and manufactures workspace tools with a focus on design and technology. Believing that computer accessories should go beyond rigid and dull forms, AZIO combines unique designs and unconventional materials to bring a fresh perspective on peripherals. Our inspiration is drawn from our desire to invigorate a creative lifestyle - creating tools to inspire the user.