Why Number Pads Are A
Necessity For Your Desk

If you're anyone who's constantly punching in numbers, you know how time-consuming it is. If you've been in the game for a while, you may already have the proper tools. But some people wonder why others use number pads when there is already a number row on keyboards. Just in case you didn't know, here are the benefits of having a number pad.

It's Simply Faster

Back when data entry used to be manual, offices had what they called adding machines. They had the same layout as modern number pads and calculators, and people would be flying at their numbers all while having to be accurate.

The layout of number pads and calculators has not changed due to the convenience of spacing between each number key. When you use the number row to type in numbers, your fingers travel much further, and you may even need both hands. Meanwhile, when you use a number pad, you typically can get used to using only one hand. Laid out like a calculator, you can master not having to look down to type, which becomes more efficient.

Saves Desk Space

When you first look into keyboards, you may be used to seeing full-sized keyboards with a number pad on the right side. Now with different-sized keyboards that no longer come with the number pad, some may settle for the number row, although even smaller keyboards don't come with it either.

A compact number pad that can be stored elsewhere when not in use is convenient for those who still do data entry, coding, and much more. It's also better to place it anywhere convenient since most full-sized keyboards come with it on the right side. If you prefer it on the left, you'd be free to do so, especially with a wireless, Bluetooth-connected number pad.

It's More Comfortable

When it comes to saving space, considering your ergonomic comfort plays a factor as well. Since the right hand is typically on the mouse, the number pad being within reach is more comfortable than stretching to get to the number row. Even if you prefer the number pad on the left, your left hand is already on your keyboard and doesn't have to travel too far when punching in numbers. 

Perfect For Laptop/Tablet Users

With the rise of people working from home or some other location they choose that is not in an office space, like a coffee shop or library, they should consider their workspace more than what they provided in the office. After all, it's already your space, so why not make it to satisfy your comfort?

Some companies provide their employees who work from home with laptops or tablets, but it may not be the most efficient for people who are in the position of constantly needing a number pad or calculator. The great thing about number pads is how small and compact they are, making them easy to commute with.

Stay Efficient With Azio

With the new school year coming up this month, our new IZO Series 2 Collection makes a comeback with their designated number pads or calculators. Designed to keep you productive, this device is perfect for students, whether on campus or remote.