Tips on Creating a Home Office

Tips on Creating a Home Office


When planning where you’d like your home office to be make sure you keep a few key points in mind. Specifically, you’ll want to set up in an area in the house where it is most peaceful for creative flow. Depending on your preference, you may want to work near a window for plenty of natural sunlight and clear wall space to customize the look of your newfound creative space.

Paint the walls a color you love

The color of the walls can immediately set the atmosphere and tone for your home office. What mood makes you feel best while working? Do you prefer a lively warm tone such as orange, red, and golden yellow? Or perhaps shades of blue for the calmness it evokes? Our personal favorite productivity color is green as it’s scientifically proven to relax the eyes and mind. We find that it helps revive tired eyes and ease long hours at a computer screen. Once your ideal color is selected, it will set the tone for the type of furniture and décor you’d like to fill your new home office with.

Make Sure To Invest In...

One of the most crucial elements of your home office will be your chair. Since countless days and hours will be spent here, make sure you invest in one that has superior back support and makes you feel as comfortable as possible. We recommend researching top office chairs and reading reviews so you can find your ideal match. For a fun twist, make your chair an accent color and pair with your favorite throw.


To stay focused and alert make sure there is good lighting in your office space. Many tend to put their desk in the corner of the office with little light. It would be more beneficial to plan your office space with your desk by an open window. It’s always a good idea to bring in natural light to your office. In our opinion, nothing beats the crisp and clean feel of natural light. To balance times of the day when natural light is absent or a bit too soft, make sure you have secondary task lighting. We recommend using select bulbs specially designed for reading, working, and productivity

The Most Important Tool 

Did you know many of us type over 12,000 words a day spend over 1,300 hours a year typing? With such a high concentration of time spent using one tool, we found comfort and efficiency are paramount. But not all keyboards are equal, most keyboards on the market today are made with low quality rubber domes under each key, adding more stress to your hand and wrists. The mechanical keyboard aids in efficient work by providing a faster and more comfortable type. If you work frequently with numbers and a number pad we recommend the Retro Classic USB. If you prefer space saving options,a fan favorite is the Retro Compact Keyboard (we even take this with us on our travels!) Not only will these typewriter keyboards will help improve the quality of your work but it also adds a touch of retro deign to your office.


Connect with your inner muse and design a space that reflects you. Select paintings, stationary, moodboards, and photographs that help you tap into your creativity. You can even get in touch with your green thumb and introduce a few plants into your office. Plants are known to benefit homes and workspaces by adding a touch of serenity and some will even purify the air! We’ll have a more in-depth article on the benefits of plants in the office soon. We’d love to see your office inspiration and results, share them with us on Instagram @aziocorp. 

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