Introducing Our RC Prestige Keyboard

Introducing the RC Prestige Collection, the latest addition to AZIO Corporation's acclaimed Retro Classic lineup! Featuring two captivating colors—Ebony and Ivory—the collection stays true to our brand's distinctive identity. The Ebony variant boasts a black wood faceplate with a gunmetal grey aluminum frame, while the Ivory edition showcases a white leather face encased in a silver aluminum profile. Each set of keycaps is meticulously crafted to complement its respective color scheme, with rounded square profiles distinguishing them from our Retro Classic Collection's circular keycaps.

Combining timeless design with mechanical functionality, the RC Prestige Collection offers hot-swappable Gateron tactile brown switches, allowing users to personalize their typing experience. The vintage-style backlit keycaps, compatible with MX stems, ensure seamless integration with alternate mechanical switches or keycap sets. Connectivity options include both USB wired and wireless Bluetooth modes, providing versatility and convenience for up to three devices.

At AZIO, we pride ourselves on delivering premium lifestyle keyboards. The RC Prestige Collection exemplifies our dedication to excellence, elevating product design standards and enriching the lives of our valued customers.

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