10 Indoor Hobbies You Should Try in 2022

Have you thought to yourself what hobby you’d love to start in 2022?

In a culture that values working harder and harder, the idea of doing something just for fun is unfamiliar. But the fact is, hobbies make us more creative and productive people. They can teach us things and broaden our horizons.

Although the warmer weather presents plenty of outdoor activities, there are a ton of great indoor hobbies as well. So if you’re out of TV shows and movies to binge-watch or just want to try something different, here is our curated list of indoor hobbies you can do, rain or shine.

1. Upcycle Everything

Maybe you have a lot of clothes and things you don't like anymore. Instead of throwing them away, donate it to others or upcycle it into something new. For example, clothing that doesn’t fit any longer, is torn, stained or otherwise damaged, can be transformed into pillow cases, bags or even new clothes. This is less harmful for the earth and you’ll get something you’ll enjoy wearing.

2. Start A Blog

If you enjoy writing, why not start a blog? Blogging is a great way to connect with others and to keep your mind busy if you’re not leaving the house. You could either blog about your life, experiences and opinions. Or you could pick a topic of interest and try to entertain or inform others.

3. Learn A Language

If there's a language you’ve been wanting to learn, now’s the time. Learning a language is beneficial in a bunch of different ways. It improves your memory, decision-making, multitasking and academic performance. You can also build confidence by using a second language and it gives you the possibility of making friends all over the world.

4. Journaling

Even if you don't think of yourself as a writer, journaling is a healthy way to work through thoughts, express ideas and unwind. Pick a time during the week, or even every day, to sit down and journal. When you make it part of your routine, you’ll notice the benefits. 

5. Play An Instrument

If you have some time on your hands, learning to play an instrument, such as the guitar, piano or drums is a great way to spend that time. Playing an instrument uses different areas of your brain and it can improve your hand-eye coordination, memory and your mental health.

6. Build Your Own Keyboard

The best thing about mechanical keyboards is how customizable and modular they are. Like the Azio Cascade Keyboard, you can customize many aspects of your keyboard to suit your style and typing needs, including the switches, stabilizers, case, keycaps and so much more. Although it can get expensive and time-consuming, a customizable keyboard gives you the flexibility to change everything you want without having to buy a new one.

7. Take Classes

Chances are, if you're interested in learning anything, there's a class for it somewhere. From web design, to pilates, to cooking, there are a million options. Try narrowing it down to a few topics you're interested in, and see what type of classes you can find online or in person near you.

8. Candle Making

Candles can change the ambiance of a room and making your own means you can tailor it to your liking. It sounds difficult, but making candles is easier than you think. You can make candles in any shape or size you want, and you can even add essential oils to make them scented. Wax, wicks, essential oils (optional), two pots to make a double-boiler, and containers for your candles are all you need to get started.

9. Start An Indoor Garden

If you love gardening outdoors, you’ll probably love caring for indoor plants too. Try hanging plants, succulents or potted flowers to start, but there are many varieties that thrive in indoor environments. Starting an indoor garden keeps the air in your home clean and you aren’t restricted by the weather.

10. Yoga

If one of your new year’s resolutions in 2022 is to be more active, yoga is a great way to relax and get your body moving. There are tons of online yoga classes and free YouTube videos to get you bending and flexing. It may even be worth finding an instructor to help you make sure that you’re doing the poses correctly.

Whatever hobby you choose, they are great ways to spend your free time, and can help you learn skills, perfect talents and make new friends.