Home Office Gifts That Improve Your
Productivity — and Your Mood

Maybe you've always worked from home. Or perhaps you had to pivot when the pandemic began, expecting to be back in your office in weeks. Many people learned during that time how productive they could be working with all the comforts of home around them — and plenty of people are happy to say goodbye to their endless commute and continue working remotely in their home office.

Whether you're thinking of gifts for someone in your household who works remotely or you want to amp up your own productivity while enjoying the work-from-home lifestyle, we've got plenty of ideas to help you be happier and more productive in your home office.

Standing Desks

Working from your sofa (or, let's be honest, your bed) may seem comfortable at first. But it's not good for your back and joints. The ergonomics of a standing desk can provide the boost of health your body has been craving. Consider an adjustable desk that raises and lowers so you can enjoy sitting when appropriate. The Jarvis Bamboo Desk has been a hit with many remote workers. You can choose the size you need, then adjust it to your desired height. An ultra affordable choice is the Vivo Adjustable Standing Desk, which manually cranks up and down to keep things simple. If you prefer desks with programmable settings, check out the SmartDesk Pro.

Ergonomic Mesh Chairs

If you choose to sit at your desk, you want a desk chair that supports your spine and body in a healthy way. The Herman Miller Aeron Chair is at the top of many people's gift list, since it's just as comfortable at the end of the work day as when you first relax into it. With total ergonomic support for your body, including adjustable lumbar support, you'll feel in control of your work day. If you're not ready for that investment, consider adding Easy Posture lumbarback support mesh to your existing desk chair for all-day comfort.

Lighting for Your Work-From-Home Lifestyle

Without proper work lighting, your eyes can suffer, leaving you blinking and exhausted at the end of the day. You have many choices when it comes to task lighting. Whether you choose a clamp light, a standing lamp, a traditional angled desk lamp or a smart lamp that features programmable features, look for a lamp that doesn't flicker and puts light where you need it. One great choice is the Louis Poulsen AJ Table Lamp, which brings an iconic design from the 1960s into modern day with a wide range of color choices.

Compact Items That Help Save Space

Maybe you have limited space to work with, or perhaps you find a minimalist look helps you focus on your work. Either way, you'll find plenty of gifts to make your home office more appealing. If you're a creative who misses the tactile joy of working on an old-school typewriter, the AZIO Retro Compact Keyboard delivers style, fun and practical comfort.

The AZIO FOQO Mechanical Keyboard is compact and built to streamline your workflow with programmable shortcuts to crush your to-do list. Other space-saving lifestyle items include a peg board from IKEA to get all those papers off your desk.

Smart Home Tech

Technology should make your life easier — and these days, you have plenty of choices to boost your work-from-home productivity while augmenting your comfort. With Google Nest, you can control your music, streaming devices, security systems, smoke detectors, routers, doorbell and locks, all from your laptop or smartphone. The Nest Thermostat, which is the first to receive an ENERGY STAR rating, not only keeps your home environment comfortable — it also monitors your HVAC system to keep your energy costs down. Philips Hue smart light bulbs provide state-of-the-art control for lighting throughout your home — not just in your home office.

In 2022, the work-from-home trend is only expected to increase. Making lifestyle and tech changes that help you pair productivity and comfort is the smart move to start the new year off right.