Five Lighting Tips for Your Workspace

Five Lighting Tips for Your Workspace

Tip #1 Use Natural Lighting

Using natural lighting in your workspace can create a peaceful and bright setting for you to work in. It will enable you to be more productive and overall help you feel alert within the setting. If you find the natural lighting too strong or straining your eyes, use a cool or roman shades to find a more comfortable setting with the light. Our choice when it comes to the workspace is always by a window to give us a positive atmosphere.

Tip #2 Create Your Own Lighting

If your workspace doesn’t have a window for natural lighting to come in, create your own lighting that will work best for you. Add in your space a variety of different lights from soft lights to LED lights or even a simple desk lamp. The variety of different lighting will help you manage the type of lighting you desire as the natural lighting shifts throughout the day.

Tip #3 Add a Task Light

Adding task lighting to your workspace can be a crucial element, as it will help you create an appropriate workspace for you to perform your best. You can choose the task lighting you want to add to bring you the most comfort and effective lighting. For our choice we chose LED task lights in order for us to ensure we avoid any heat while having adequate lighting for our reading and writing tasks.

Tip #4 All About the Angles

The angles of the lighting will make a difference when it comes to lighting in your workspace. When choosing the correct angles for lighting it can help you avoid glare from the computer screen and shadowing in your workspace. If you do decide to use natural lighting for your work environment, set yourself up on either the north or south of the room in order for you to avoid any shadowing.

Tip #5 Surfaces are Key

Now that you’ve considered the lighting in your workspace, you also want to take in the furniture and surfaces effected by lighting. The reason you may not be getting enough lighting might be the result from dirty windows or thick curtains. If you’d like to maximize the use of natural lighting coming in, try placing a mirror above your desk as it will help create more light in the room.