Best Compact Mechanical Keyboards:
Top 3 Picks from Azio

If you spend most of your day typing, you shouldn’t be stuck with the mushy keyboard on your laptop or an uncomfortable desktop keyboard. Mechanical keyboards are packed with features and the keys you need to access them. You can customize their looks with different keycaps and the typing experience by choosing your preferred switches.

But if you don’t have a spacious desk or are always on the go, compact keyboards are the best option for you. Nearly the same size and layout of a laptop keyboard, compact keyboards have all the keys most people use and cut the ones they don’t—hitting the sweet spot of size and layout.

Below are our top picks for compact mechanical keyboards. All of them will free up much-needed desk space while providing you with a superior typing experience.

FOQO Keyboard

If you’re looking to save time and desk space, choose the FOQO Keyboard. Inspired by vintage rangefinder cameras, the FOQO features a durable aluminum and leather-textured body that provides remarkable durability while achieving a sleek appearance. The multifunctional control knob allows you to adjust multimedia settings, backlight and program macros all in one localized place so you can streamline your workflow. This compact keyboard is also equipped with tactile Gateron brown switches and mesmerizing RGB backlight.  

IZO Keyboard

For a pop of color in your workspace, go for the IZO Keyboard. Available in three distinct colorways, the IZO merges different shades of bold colors and surface varnishes with an ergonomic round design to replace the methodical, emotionless approach to keyboards. Like the FOQO, it features an intuitive control knob to adjust backlight and media. The IZO Keyboard is also equipped with clicky Gateron blue switches and PBT double-shot keycaps so you don’t have to worry about the laser-etched fonts fading with time and usage.

Retro Compact Keyboard

Everything retro is having a resurgence from fashion, to vinyls, to film cameras. So if you want to bring retro to your workspace, look no further than our typewriter-inspired Retro Compact Keyboards (RCK). From one of our best-selling collections, the RCK is designed with premium materials and features. Made with a durable aluminum frame and genuine leather or wood, this compact keyboard is a beautiful addition to any workspace. The tactile Kailh brown switches and center-lit round keys emulate the touch and click of vintage typewriters.

No matter which compact keyboard you choose, our mechanical keyboards are compatible with Mac and PC, and can connect up to three Bluetooth devices for a wireless connection or with a USB-C cable for a wired connection.

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