5 Reasons to Upgrade to
a Mechanical Keyboard

Feb 03, 2020

Whether you're a serious gamer, tech professional or casual user, a mechanical keyboard can transform your relationship with your computer, tablet or gaming devices. Here at Azio, our mechanical keyboards are built with precision-crafted switches to create a fast, accurate and unmistakably enjoyable user experience.

Here are the top 5 reasons why you should invest in a premium-quality mechanical keyboard:

1. Improved User Experience

When compared to modern membrane keyboards, mechanical keyboards deliver a distinctly different user experience. Membrane keyboards rely on layers of soft electrical contacts to register keystrokes, which often leads to missed characters and slow input speeds.

With a mechanical keyboard, every single key is connected to a dedicated, spring-loaded switch. Not only do these switches make for an exceptionally high-quality device, but keyboard switches also have a distinct 'feel' that lets you know if you've missed a letter. And contrary to what you might think, typing on a quality mechanical keyboard requires no more effort than is needed with a membrane keyboard.

Clean the keys and surface from time to time to maintain a long-lasting keyboard.

2. Durable + Eco-Friendly

Cheap membrane keyboards look, and feel, cheap. Bargain keyboards simply aren't built to last, which only adds to the growing problem of throwaway electronics.

Because mechanical keyboards are built using premium-grade materials and individual key switches, these keyboards have a much longer lifespan than their cheap counterparts — and that simply makes sense when it comes to cutting down on e-waste. Even high-quality membrane keyboards are rated to last for about 10 million keystrokes, which pales in comparison to the expected lifespan of well-designed, quality mechanical keyboards from Azio. 

3. Boost Your Typing Speed

The switches located beneath the keys on a mechanical keyboard deliver instant auditory and tactile feedback that lets the user know when a keystroke has been registered — something cheap membrane keyboards simply can't do.

This quality is especially helpful for touch typists — users who rely on muscle memory while typing — who often experience a boost in speed and accuracy after upgrading to a mechanical keyboard. The switches in Azio mechanical keyboards also enable simultaneous keystrokes, which is perfect for gamers who are tired of dealing with keys that won't register.

4. Enjoy a Retro Feel

  • If you've ever had the chance to test drive a vintage typewriter, you understand why these old-school office machines enjoy a cult-like following among die-hard typewriter aficionados. These beloved machines transform writing into a truly integrative experience — users can literally 'feel' their words traveling through their fingertips onto the page.
  • Thanks to the key-specific switches, mechanical keyboards deliver that same beloved 'retro feel' and 'click' that you'll get from a typewriter — without needing to downgrade your devices or lug around an absurdly heavy machine.

5. Support for Windows and Mac

Many Azio mechanical keyboards are designed to work seamlessly with Windows and Mac, which means a single keyboard can be used for multiple computers and tablets — a game-changer for users who need a versatile, agile keyboard that delivers an exceptional return on investment.

Level Up Your Keyboard with Azio Mechanical Keyboards

With smart features such as illuminated mechanical switched keys, dual USB/Bluetooth connectivity, integrated USB Type-C charging ports and classic leather or wood surfaces, Azio mechanical keyboards combine style, functionality and exceptional durability.