PRESS RELEASE: AZIO Unveils Industry First Vintage Typewriter-Inspired Keyboard With Luxury Backlit Keys

PRESS RELEASE: AZIO Unveils Industry First Vintage Typewriter-Inspired Keyboard With Luxury Backlit Keys


AZIO Unveils Industry First Vintage Typewriter-Inspired Keyboard With Luxury Backlit Keys

Created for Style-Conscious Consumers with Elegant Design and Bluetooth Capability


AZIO Corporation 

Jul 19, 2017, 08:35 ET

CITY OF INDUSTRY, Calif.July 19, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- AZIO Corporation, (, a leading manufacturer of gaming and lifestyle tech gear since 2009, announced the release of their luxurious typewriter-inspired mechanical keyboard named Retro Classic. This mechanical keyboard has two interface options for users to choose from, USB or Bluetooth, is compatible with Windows and Mac, and is available in three styles – Onyx, Posh, and Artisan.

"We wanted to incorporate genuine materials that not only translates into higher quality build but also brings back the nostalgia of vintage goods that are personable to the physical touch and senses," said Sam Li, VP of Design for Azio Corp. "This keyboard is not just about technical specifications, but also a certain tangibility that one can feel and connect with."

Built With Quality Materials 
The keyboard frame is forged with a beautiful zinc aluminum alloy, then polished and plated into a black chrome (or satin copper finish) to accompany the leather top plate.  Hex bolts are added to enhance the structure and to add an industrial vintage element to the keyboard.

Through countless prototyping with different materials, Azio has decided to use genuine leather for the top plate, which gives it a traditional, yet high-quality look. The leather top plate reflects taste, craftsmanship, and culture while emitting a unique charm that inspires.

The Retro Classic keyboard is available for pre-order on Indiegogo for a limited time.

Premium Backlit Keys 
The Retro Classic Bluetooth edition works for Mac and Windows, using the included interchangeable key caps. "We specifically tuned the Retro Classic keyboard's key switch to be tactile and clicky, reminiscent of the vintage typewriter," said Li. "Furthermore, we customized each mechanical switch so that the backlight LED is in the center of each key. This allows the keyboard to illuminate evenly and beautifully."

Custom Logo Plaque 
Each keyboard has an elegantly designed custom logo plaque, featuring premium grade brushed anodized aluminum. Adding to the vintage appeal, each plaque is embossed with the product name and filled with a glossy lacquer paint for a classy shine. This exquisite finish provides the feel of exclusiveness for each of the Retro Classic Keyboards.

About Azio Corp. 
Azio Corp. is a manufacturer dedicated to providing innovative tech gear to make everyday life more engaging and fun. We believe that design has the power to alter not only perceptions, but also emotions. Through superior design, we are driven to provide a better experience for people of all ages from all walks of life, no matter what your hobby, profession, or need may be. For more information, please visit

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