What should I do if my USB keyboard does not function in within BIOS?

Some version of BIOS will not correctly detect all keyboards. Updating your BIOS to the latest version should correct this issue.

Why can't I access BIOS with my Bluetooth Keyboard?

Most motherboards do not have native Bluetooth driver support. This makes the Bluetooth Keyboard nonfunctional until Windows loads the Bluetooth driver. Wireless keyboards that can access BIOS are those using RF technology.

Why are the multimedia keys not functioning?

HID or Human Interface Device service must be on for these multimedia keys to work. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services
  2. Locate and enter the properties of either HID or Human Interface Device
  3. Change the "start up type" to automatic and start the service
Why does the LEDs on my keyboard stay lit even after turning off my PC?

Certain motherboards still provide power through the USB ports even if the PC is shutdown. You will need to access the BIOS to turn this option off. For the KB505U, press and hold the "LED Illumination" button for 5 seconds and the LEDs will turn off.

Is the KB505U supported for Mac OS X? If so, what are the key conversions?

Yes; it uses a basic keyboard driver that the OS X will take care of. The following link will display the key conversions.

Does the KB528U support Mac OS X?

No. the key-codes produced by the KB528U will not register properly on a Mac OS X machine.


What is the Polling Rate and why does it matter?

The polling rate refers to the number of times the mice send data per second to the computer. For example, a 500Hz mouse will send data to the computer 500 times per second. This will improve the response time of the mouse.

Are AZiO/Levetron mouse products available in PS/2 versions? Can I use the products with a USB to PS/2 adapter?

AZiO/Levetron mouse products are currently only available and supported in USB mode.


How do I get CSR Harmony to work with my Windows 7 and Windows 8?

For CSR Harmony to work properly with Windows 7, please visit Windows Update and install .NET 4.0 Framwork prior to installing CSR Harmony. For Windows 8, you will need to install .NET 3.5 Framework. After installing CSR Harmony, Windows 8 will prompt you to install .NET 3.5.    

How do I know if aptX is working?

When your computer is establishing connection with your aptX device, you will see a 2 second pop up of an aptX logo with a messsage saying "You have connected to an aptX enabled device".  

Will these Bluetooth adapters work on Mac OS X?

Yes, but the included software cannot be installed on a Mac. Functionality will be limited to Max OS X's native Bluetooth support. For more information, please visit Apple's website to see supported profiles:

Is the BTD-V400 and the BTD-V201 backwards compatible?


My stereo headset is paired using AD2P profile. How do I get the mic to work?

If you setup your stereo headset via "Bluetooth Settings -> Express Mode" only "A2DP profile" (used for stereo music listening) is configured. If your stereo headset has a built-in mic, it will also support Headset Profile (HSP) or Handsfree Profile (HFP). Those profiles offer mono audio but microphone support for using VoIP applications. In this case, you have to set up a new profile for the device via "Bluetooth Settings => Custom Mode" and select HSP or HFP. After it pairs, go to Bluetooth Settings window, right-click on the new profile and select 'Connect'.

Does my OS have native support for these Bluetooth adapters?

For Windows 98SE and Windows 2000, you will need to install the included software. There is native support for Mac OS X, Windows XP and newer operating systems. Installing the included software will add additional Bluetooth Profiles and functionalities. Please note that the bundled software will only work on Windows based PC's.

Why does my computer not detect my Bluetooth device when searching?

Please make sure that your Bluetooth devices are enabled and set to be discoverable. Please refer to your Bluetooth device's user guide for instructions.

What is a passkey and what is it for?

A Passkey is a numeric code to authenticate a pairing request between two devices. If the Passkey does not match the code entered on the remote device, the connection will not be successful. Once the remote device has been authenticated, the notification for a Passkey will not appear again, unless the paired relationship is broken, in which case the device must re-sync. Some devices have a default Passkey built-in (check your user guide for the passkey) while you can set the Passkey for other devices such as mobile phones. As long as the Passkey entered in your PC matches the remote device it'll successfully pair.

How many Bluetooth devices can I connect at the same time?

You can establish up to 7 active and 255 inactive (parked) connections. However, with current Bluetooth technology, it does not send transmission from host to all the active devices at the same time. It will send transmission very rapidly from one device to another in a "round-robin" fashion. So if you are connecting devices that requires high-bandwidth (such as stereo music), it would not be recommended to connect other Bluetooth devices simultaneous as that may affect performance.